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Sometimes there is more to your tooth pain than what can be handled at your regular dentist's office. Although the thought can make you a bit uneasy, you may need dental surgery in order to get rid of that pain for good.

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• Repairing roots

• Removing roots

• Tooth extractions and replantation

• Broken teeth

• Endodontic treatment

• Apicoectomy

• Traumatic injuries

• Pediatric endodontic treatments

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When you come in to see Dr. Matthew P. Salvatore, you can be sure to get a thorough exam and know everything that is going to happen before we ever start any procedure. You can trust our ADA certified dentist with over 20 years of experience for any of your procedures.


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There may also be non-surgical procedures that can be performed. Come in and see us for a comprehensive examination to diagnose your situation and decide the best course of action.

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